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8 Simple Ways to Spice Up Your Marriage

February 5, 2016, BY

8-ways-to-spice-up-your-marriage After spending a number of years together as a couple, it’s easy to get into a comfortable routine. Routines are great, but every so often, we crave for the excitement that brought us together in the first place. Check out these tips to bring the zing back into your marriage. They’re both fun and low-cost. How do you enjoy spending time with your spouse?

Make Everyday Valentine’s Day

As a couple, you don’t have to wait for a special holiday like Valentine’s Day to surprise each other with something nice. My husband randomly surprises me with sweets when he goes for a gas station run, but that money adds up. We can’t always afford to expand our purchases for every visit. Some free ideas would be to bake a sexy dessert or making his favourite dinner one night just because.

Play Hookey

Organize for both of you to take a sick or vacation day, and enjoy a few hours at home with full privacy. Cook a hearty breakfast together, and enjoy eating it in bed. Use that time to relax, chat, and just enjoy each other’s company. Plan to stay in the house and avoid running errands, cleaning and going to appointments. This down time for the two of you can be a relaxing and enjoyable experience to get back in touch. Put the phones and tablets away and just enjoy the one-on-one time.

Work in Some ‘Us Time’

This is the same as ‘Me Time’, but for both of you as a couple. We often get so caught up in routines, that we forget that we’re still growing as individuals, and develop new thoughts and ideas. Spend an hour or two without television, computers or cell phone distractions. It’s a great way to engage in conversation, and to find out anything about the other person that you may have missed. Two great opportunities to do this would be at dinner time, and just before bed.

Try Something New

Organize to spend a couple of hours doing something new together. This includes taking an exercise class or a course together to gain some skills. Examples of free activities are going for a walk, visiting open houses, going for ice cream and taking a drive outside of the city for an hour or two. The new experiences will bond you a couple and create memories for you to share in the years to come.

Spice Up Yourself

It all begins with you. If you’ve let yourself go, or just want to shape up a bit, take a trip to your local salon, treat yourself to a manicure or develop a home workout routine. Taking care of oneself is an attractive quality, and sets a good example to the rest of the household. Once you feel good about yourself you will have more confidence and desire to make your relationship more exciting!

Make Love, Don’t Have Sex

Intimacy shouldn’t feel like a chore. Look for a sexy outfit, a new toy, or experiment with new positions. This is a great way to explore each other’s bodies, and discover new likes while you’re at it.

Take a Second Honeymoon

Sit together and daydream on where you’d like to go for a second honeymoon, and then make it happen! A change of scenery can do a lot for a couple. Make the sacrifice to cut some expenses for a few months, and create a separate account to begin saving money for a fantasy trip together. The planning part can be the most fun, because you can discover where your spouse wants to go and where they want to go. This could be useful information when you are wanting to plan a milestone birthday later down the road.

Go out on a Date

Bring back the romance by getting back to basics. Dress up, and head out on a romantic date with dinner, a movie. It’s a great excuse to get fancy, and it’s a great break away from a standard routine. Try making a reservation or buying a new outfit to make it official and bring out some of the excitement, rather than just going out to eat.

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